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After studying design in ceramics and glass and teaching at Brighton University, I worked abroad with my husband in  Spain, Japan, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. With a love of travel and adventure we have explored many parts of Europe (especially France and Spain), Asia and the Middle East. A camera quickly became my artistic tool of choice and photography the medium through which I could capture the essence of markets and temples, deserts and mountains, people and events, textures and designs. After filling up our house, I started selling my photographs and was then lucky enough to be offered exhibitions. This has led to a number of commissions that included photographing families, construction projects, charity organisations, commercial work,  a Sultan’s horses, a King’s planes, and most wonderfully, Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Oman in 2010, as official embassy photographer.  My photography work is now in several international hotels, restaurants, offices and private homes across the region and indeed many other countries around the world. 

Over the years, I have moved from film to digital and I try to broaden my artistic and technical knowledge whenever I can. For example, I have recently  attended workshops with the renowned portrait photographer, Elena Shumilova, which has given me greater photographic range in portraiture. I have also studied silk screen printing and digitally printed textile design, both of which have extended my photographic images into new areas such as prints and fabrics.  I now regularly lead photography workshops and photo walks in France and the UK.  From discussion amongst my participants has risen  the idea of bringing together small groups of like-minded people for photography holidays to explore the wonderful Dordogne region and to share the culture of France through their lenses, conversation and friendship. What could be better? For details of these ‘Photography Holidays’ please click on the menu above.

Some images from previous photography workshops